What Our Clients Have to Say

“I was going through one of the most difficult times of my life when I was facing bankruptcy. I needed help quickly and was fortunate to have found Howard. He was professional and reliable and made me feel comfortable that I’d be able to get out of my situation without feeling overwhelmed.”
— Mike, New Rochelle, NY
“I recently had to file for bankruptcy and was in desperate need of a fresh start. I searched online for a lawyer and discovered Howard’s website. From the moment I contacted him, he showed genuine interest in my situation and helped me file and get through a tough time. I’m grateful for his services and didn’t have to spend a fortune.”
— Anna, Queens, NY
“Going through bankruptcy is obviously a stressful situation and I had no idea how to get through it. A friend recommended Howard Warner to me, so I gave him a call and told him about my business and why I was looking for help. He met me at my convenience and explained what I should expect. He was professional from the start and he made what could’ve been a very trying time in my life much more manageable.”
— Rick, Hempstead, NY
“I had contacted Howard about my bankruptcy case and it was obvious he’s been in this line of work for many years. His knowledge was really helpful and made me feel at ease.”
— Scott, New York City, NY
“After filing for bankruptcy, I was scared I was going to lose my property and needed help from a lawyer. I had heard Howard’s name from a friend so I contacted him immediately. After explaining the filing process, he helped me every step of the way and made the situation a lot easier than I had anticipated.”
— Kate, Westchester, NY
“To be honest, I had zero clue about bankruptcy and what I had to do to file. I was lucky to have found Howard online—he asked a ton of questions to get to know my specific situation and seemed like he really understood what I was going through. He’s also reasonable with his rates, which was a huge help considering what I was already going through financially.”
— Susan, Huntington, NY
“I was under a ton of debt and had no idea what to do. A friend referred me to Howard Warner. I explained my problem to him over the phone and he offered to meet me without hesitation. His pricing is fair, and he was extremely professional and sympathetic of what I was going through.”
— Lou, New York, NY
“I never thought I’d be in the position where I’d have to file for bankruptcy, but unfortunately that time came and was facing foreclosure. I searched online for a lawyer in my area and Howard Warner’s name popped up. He was able to help me file and answer any of my questions. He saved me a lot of headache and I would recommend him to anyone.”
— Dave, Roslyn, NY
“Howard helped me avoid foreclosure on my home and I couldn't be more thankful. He was patient and attentive to my needs and I could tell he knew what he was talking about it from our first conversation.”
— Christine, Jericho, NY
“I had tried a few different lawyers when I first realized I needed help filing for bankruptcy. It's amazing how some lawyers won't return emails or calls but that wasn't the case with Howard. He responded in a timely manner and took the time to understand my situation.”
— George, Queens, NY
“At first I decided I'd try to learn bankruptcy laws on my own but soon realized how complex they can be. I got Howard's name online and heard back from him almost immediately after I emailed him. He actually made the filing process a breeze. I never would've been able to handle what I was going through on my own.”
— Kurt, Glen Cove, NY
“A lot of lawyers pester you with phone calls and emails without ever really getting to know you personally. Howard was different and took the time to listen to me and how I'd gotten to facing foreclosure on my home. It was a breath of fresh air. I never felt pressured or stressed and Howard’s fees were actually reasonable.”
— Janet, Harrison, NY